“Portland-based Americana act The American West is a new project fronted by songwriter Matthew Zeltzer and features a cast of PDX musicians that currently includes Maria Maita-Keppeler (vocals), Will Haas (guitar) and Tucker Jackson (pedal steel) (Eduardo Miranda also plays drums on the track). The collective recently released their debut single “Heart of Stone“, and the pleasantly twangy song’s arrangements are top notch, with the pedal steel and electric guitars pairing almost as nicely as Zeltzer and Maita-Keppeler’s vocals. The straightforward, Joshua Rivera-directed video wisely let’s the music speak for itself. It’s an intriguing peak into the new project.”
– Donovan Farley, Next Northwest

“I dig the understated Heart of Stone more every time I hear it.  Take a listen.  But wait!  Turns out that while MAITA is working with Zeltzer on some things, they each have their own projects— his under The American West and hers under MAITA.  Be watching for releases under both names.” – Frank Gutch, Jr.,  Don’t Believe a Word I Say

“This one [Heart of Stone] captures the easygoing, lilting West Coast country sound in full flower, with the pedal steel more floating than weeping and the guitar more calming than cutting. The vocals and lyrics, however, supply all the heartbreak you could ask for from a country tune.” -Stephen Carradini,  Independent Clauses